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Small-Scale Guppy Breeding


Small-Scale Guppy Breeding’ is a general article on how I keep and breed fancy Guppies in ~8 planted tanks.  You won’t see anything about fish rooms, drilled tanks, automatic water changers, etc.  It covers paternity issues and explains how I deal with the modern Guppy’s fragility and disease susceptibility.



  1. SJHcreates says:

    Good read! I too have been breeding guppies for a while but have only started keeping better track of bloodlines recently. I had never considered euthanasia and while I don’t love the idea, I can see how it is a necessity. I appreciate that you don’t just flush them after and at least let them serve a purpose. I put them in my turtle’s tank, so he does keep the population down while the fish still serve a purpose. My recent strain is pretty weak I hadn’t considered crossing them with wild types but I ought to try it! I’ve finally got the colors I like in my strain though and I’m afraid that would ruin it. Any ideas on what to do?


    • Thanks for compliment. Feeding live food to your turtle sounds like the perfect solution! As to cross-breeding, usually the males carry the color genes on their Y-chromosome, so I would consider mating your very best male to a couple nice, robust females from an outside source.

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