This website hosts information about my books Ecology of the Planted Aquarium (2023) and Family History of a Doctor’s Daughter (2017).  The ‘Planted Aquariums’ page also has my articles (free PDF downloads) on aquatic plants, planted tanks, tropical fish diseases, guppy breeding, etc.

New 4th Edition (2023) available for $33.50 (6″ X 9″ Paperback, 225 pages). CLICK HERE 

Fourth Edition (2023) has two covers.  Amazon-printed one is on the left; BTPS-printed one is on the right.  Both contain the same material!
Amazon-printed book is on the left; Baker & Taylor-printed book on the right. Both paperbacks– and all eBooks–contain the same material.

Discount Price for Bulk Orders of 5 Books is $125 (includes autographs and shipping within USA).   Contact Ms. Walstad via e-mail