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  • First Edition (2017)
  • 241 pages, 6” X 9” page size
  • over 170 photos, maps, etc.
  • bibliographic notes- 16 pages
  • subject index
  • ISBN: 9780967377391
  • Retail Price: $16.95 (paperback)
  • Distributor Price:  $12.50

Book begins with the emigration of my eight great-grandparents from northern Europe and ends with my parents and World War II. It intertwines their life stories against a historical backdrop—forces pushing emigration, sex in 19th century Scandinavia, homesteading in Nebraska, America’s conquest of TB, etc. The overall tone is inspiring, educational, and wholesome.
Cover picture is of me and my father in 1946 just before he shipped out of San Francisco Bay. His mission was to transport “war brides” (foreign women married to American GIs) from Australia to the U.S.  My father was the head medical officer of the depicted ship, the SS Monterey.


“In this book, Walstad uses a remarkable array of sources, including diaries, interviews, and family photos, to vividly portray her people, piecing together not only a family chronicle but also a timely social history of the immigration experiment.”— Kirkus Reviews

“The writing and the research that went into the stories are not only exemplary in my opinion, but also courageous.  The psychological insights and sensitivity with which they are conveyed are equally so.  The stories of Lambert, Rose, Margie and Bev, Anna, Christine and others are poignant, fascinating and compelling.” —ROGER SPENCER, M.D., Professor of Psychiatry, Sch. of Medicine, Univ. of North Carolina (Chapel Hill)

“I finished your book last night. I never once got bored or dosed off.  I found every page of your book to be interesting if not enlightening.  Your technique of interjecting numerous bits of history along the way was pure genius.”—RICHARD SCHUCK, owner of Maryland Aquatic Nurseries (Jarrettsville, MD)


Peek inside the book to see the first 48 pages including Preface, Table of Contents and Chapter 1.

Book available at Amazon.com and Bookmasters, Inc.


Danish Immigrants (1902).   The little girl (c.) with her cheek touching her father is the author’s maternal grandmother Rose.


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