Raising Brine Shrimp for Aquarium Fish

Hatching and Growing Brine Shrimp (February 2018) describes a new, and I believe, better method for providing aquarium fish with the world’s tastiest and most nutritious food. After hatching the eggs, I grow out the shrimp for 3-4 days in bottles seasoned with bacteria and micro-algae–food for the shrimp. Resulting juvenile shrimp are bigger and more nutritious than starved nauplii. My method saves expensive eggs and reuses the saltwater.

Treating Fish for Nematodes

Over the years, I have had to deal with nasty Camallanus worms three times in newly purchased fish. My article ‘Treating Fish for Camallanus and Other Nematodes’ contains step-by-step instructions for preparing a Fenbendazole-containing fishfood that successfully rid my tanks and fish of these intestinal parasites. I have included information on other treatment options, the related nematode Capillaria, plus the worldwide presence of Camallanus in both native fish and the aquarium trade.

New Family History Book

Danish Governess

Danish Great-grandmother (1885)

Here, author offers a peek inside Family History (1860-1950) of a Doctor’s Daughter. Preview includes the table of contents, preface, and the entire first chapter. First chapter tells the story of the author’s Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, and Dutch immigrant ancestors and what their lives were like in Europe before they came. Also included is a general history of immigration to the U.S. during the mid-19th century.  For example, author discusses the effect of potatoes, land reform, and smallpox vaccination on European emigration.  Lots of pictures…   Author cites reference sources for her material (84 citations for the first chapter alone!).

Mycobacteriosis in Aquarium Fish

Mycobacteriosis in Aquarium Fish, a 15 page article, provides vital information that fish keepers can use to prevent—or deal with—“Fish TB.” Scientific surveys show that almost half of fish deaths due to unknown causes are due to mycobacteriosis. Article is based on the author’s experience fleshed out with the latest scientific research. Every fish keeper, whether professional fish breeder or beginning aquarium hobbyist, should read this.

Impact of Tuberculosis on Families

Author Diana Walstad delves into the impact of TB on her ancestors in Family History (1860-1950) of a Doctor’s Daughter.  She explains their behavior in terms of societal attitudes that prevailed at the time.  For example, before people knew that TB was contagious and not an inherited frailty, her great-grandmother sometimes put the kids in bed with their feverish, tubercular father to keep them warm on cold nights.  Prior to 1930, many people believed that TB generated immunity, perhaps explaining why the author’s grandfather saw no risk in marrying a woman from a tubercular family.  He may have thought that she–now a robust adult–had acquired immunity.  She hadn’t.  After she died of TB, he repeated the same mistake with his second wife.

The book fleshes out the personal tragedies with history.  It begins with Robert Koch’s discovery (1882) of Mycobacterium tuberculosis and ends with Gerhard Domagk, a bacteriologist who risked his life during World War II to bring forth the drug isoniazid, now a cornerstone of TB chemotherapy.  The book documents the struggle and ultimate victory of America’s health care community in rooting out TB from the general population.  It was no small achievement.

Small Shrimp Tanks

Small Planted Tanks for Pet Shrimp (PDF, 700 KB) was written for people wanting to keep planted tanks.  I show how to set up 1-gal bowls with small shrimp, which is an easy, inexpensive way to get started.  For hobbyists who want to try something a little different, I describe setting up small tanks with the Dry Start Method (DSM).  Here, aquarium plants are grown emergent (in air) for the first 2-3 months before adding the water and the shrimp to the tank. Both methods involve using ordinary soil as a planting medium and keeping Red Cherry Shrimp, which are hardy, colorful, and cute.

Czech Version of Ecology of the Planted Aquarium

I am thrilled to announce a Czech translation of Ecology of the Planted Aquarium.  It is a high-quality printed book now available for sale to the people of the Czech Republic.  (This is the fourth published translation of my book.)

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