Guppy Genetics 101

Genetics of breeding fancy guppies for fitness, disease resistance, and beauty

Breeding Guppies: Genetic Pitfalls and Successes (10 page article) describes my experiences with crossing various guppy strains–Metalheads, Blue Grass, pet shop guppies, swordtail guppies, etc.  Avoid the genetic problems I encountered as a beginning breeder.  Follow the story, which includes basic genetic explanations, to a happy ending–the creation of novel and beautiful phenotypes.  (Article revised March 2022)

Author: Diana Walstad

I'm a former science researcher that keeps aquariums and likes to write books.

2 thoughts on “Guppy Genetics 101”

  1. I did appreciate learning for your experiments! Thank you for sharing. I bought 20 Bluegrass (sire) and Dragon (female) guppies to experiment with. I have other experiments at home lol… Learning to manipulate the Purple and Asian Blau genes. BTW I got gorgeous purple half-moon half blacks. Not all half blacks are boring lol….


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