Small-Scale Guppy Breeding

How to breed nice guppies in just 8 planted tanks

Holding Tank
Male guppies that I have bred and raised in my small-scale breeding operation

This 2022 revision of my article Small Scale Guppy Breeding describes how I breed fancy guppies in just nine tanks.  Articles covers the basics, but it contains new, vital information on guppy reproduction.  Learn why I keep “chase” females with my juvenile males, why one female accepted and quickly mated with a new male but her full-sister rejected him…  Learn the pros and cons of separating the sexes, how I breed for fitness…  Overall, the article celebrates the guppy’s genetic trait of color polymorphism.  Unlike breeding methods that emphasize strain uniformity, I work with the guppy’s natural tendency to produce different color patterns (Photo).  This not only makes guppy breeding more fun but avoids inbreeding problems and genetic weaknesses.

Author: Diana Walstad

I'm a former science researcher that keeps aquariums and likes to write books.

4 thoughts on “Small-Scale Guppy Breeding”

  1. Nice article. I am reviewing guppy culture and I liked it a lot, but I have a doubt. You see, you tell in the first/second paragraph that you limited yourself to 8 tanks but you didn´t mention how you use them. I couldn´t get why did you limit yourself to 8?


    1. Thanks for feedback. I just revised and reposted that particular article this morning. It has more scientific information now on guppy reproduction. I use most tanks for best broods from superior females. Four tanks are devoted to progeny from one female, notable for good phenotype and living to almost one year. From her daughters, I will select a new breeder female with possibly even greatest longevity. Other tanks are for males only and broods from potential breeder females. Having only 8 tanks forces me to be VERY selective about which guppies I keep.


    2. I don’t want an industrial fish room setup. Tanks containing plants, guppies, shrimp are for my enjoyment. I found that limiting the number of tanks forces me to be VERY careful about which guppies I use for breeding. So far it is working…


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