Small Shrimp Tanks

Article on setting up small planted tanks for pet shrimp.

Small Planted Tanks for Pet Shrimp (8 pages) was written for people wanting to keep planted tanks.  I show how to set up 1-gal bowls with small shrimp, which is an easy, inexpensive way to get started.  Bowls shown at 1 month in photo were off to a good start and continued to do well.  For hobbyists who want to try something a little different, I describe setting up small tanks with the Dry Start Method (DSM).  With DSM, aquarium plants are grown emergent (in air) for the first 2-3 months before adding the water and the shrimp to the tank. Both methods involve using ordinary soil as a planting medium and keeping Red Cherry Shrimp, which are hardy, colorful, and cute.ShrimpBowlsSmaller

Author: Diana Walstad

I'm a former science researcher that keeps aquariums and likes to write books.

3 thoughts on “Small Shrimp Tanks”

  1. After watching several popular YouTube videos about natural aquatic closed ecospheres, to look into making one of my own. Some commenters on those videos referred to your impressively researched aquarium-ecology book, which I have now finished and thoroughly enjoyed over the past several days.

    But, being both itinerant in my career and new to the aquarium hobby, I cannot afford to invest many resources in large tanks. This introductory-level article about small (and relatively portable) shrimp tanks is perfect for my situation. Thank you for writing both the book and this article.


    1. To clarify my incomplete first sentence: I was initially inspired by watching YouTube videos about closed aquatic ecospheres before I found your book, but my intention now is to first try one of these low-maintenance shrimp tanks, which of course is not a closed system, receiving food and being open to the atmosphere. Although closed aquatic ecospheres are interesting in their own right…and of course they technically also not completely closed systems, since they receive environmental light.


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