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Mycobacteriosis in Aquarium Fish


Mycobacteriosis in Aquarium Fish, a 15 page article, provides vital information that fish keepers can use to prevent—or deal with—“Fish TB.” Scientific surveys show that almost half of fish deaths due to unknown causes are due to mycobacteriosis. Article is based on the author’s experience fleshed out with the latest scientific research. Every fish keeper, whether professional fish breeder or beginning aquarium hobbyist, should read this.



  1. Guppy multicolour says:

    How to treat the fish which effected by fish TB


    • As I wrote in the article, an afflicted fish cannot be cured of Fish TB. Symptoms in guppies are emaciation, poor growth, and shrunken bellies. Good management (removing and destroying sickly fish, using a UV sterilizer) can keep it from spreading to other fish.


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